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Indpro has vast experience of automation in following industry segments :

- Sugar, Food, Beverage and Manufacturing                                       - Co-generation / CPPs
- Boilers and Compressor, Waste and Ultra Pure Water Treatment      - Pharmaceutical
- Pulp and Paper                                                                             - Environmental: HVAC Capability

From simple plant floor operator control stations to complex site integration solutions, Indpro can assist in the following areas:

Solution Conceptualization : From feasibility analysis to prototype development, Indpro will work to develop a clear scope requirement and implementation plan that meets your approval.

Application Consulting : Indpro can recommend, select and supply the field instruments and control system based on your projects objectives and budget.

Functional Specifications : Indpro can prepare detailed functional packages based on vast engineering experience for cost effective solutions.

Hardware Implementation
Indpro is aware that hardware platforms vary widely among customers. Some have very strict hardware standards while others primarily cost. Our experience allows us to implement your integration plans and specifications. We will customize our approach to fit your needs.
  • System Architecture Design
  • Material Procurement
  • Receipt, Inspection and Verification
  • Panel Design and Assembly
  • Equipment Validation

Software Implementation
Indpro has the experience and expertise to take your plans and specification and develop a detailed control strategy. We can do this since our knowledge is based on many years of working closely with our customers to understand their needs and applications to ensure the software program developed satisfies your needs.

Detailed logic diagrams illustrate the control strategy before the DCS or PLC program is written and allows customer comments and concerns to be addressed prior to development.

System Integration
Indpro provided value automation solutions allow our customers to collect, view, store, control, analyze and manage the information from their plant floor. This value is derived by seamlessly integrating the factory floor system with the business and IT systems for better information and better control over the bottom line costs.

Hardware and Software Integration:
An Indpro open, Windows powerful, real-time factory database that provides a common point of access for your plant floor and business system data acquisition. A web server add-on for remote viewing over the Internet control system will connect to whatever devices you want to or your company Intranet. Specialized application software for both batch management and resource tracking. All with tightly integrated functionality and delivering the valuable information you need to make your manufacturing environment more productive and material tracking easier.

Technician Support
Indpro has a trained team of engineers and technicians who have vast experience performing routine instrument maintenance, working outages, start-ups or answering emergency call outs. Our engineers are trained on latest state of the art control systems and technologies like HART and Foundation Fieldbus.

Field Installation
Our experience is quite extensive and varied. Indpro technicians have installed instrumentation and commissioned systems for nearly every industry. We prepare and submit final system documentation and coordinate activities during the most crucial phases of a project.

We have used many leading brands in our projects including Emerson, Allen  Bradley, Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider, Fanuc etc. (PLC, DCS, and Field Instrumentation)

We are also authorized system integrator for SMAR Inc, Brazil. SMAR is a leading edge technology company in the field of process control instrumentation with many innovative products & systems based on industry standard protocols like HART & Foundation Fieldbus. SMAR have specialization in Alcohol/Distillery process automation. SMAR control systems apply to both continuous fermentation or batch methods & to equipment for hydrated or anhydrous alcohol.

SMAR have many products and Distributed control system (DCS) which will be of interest to you. SMAR has most competitive offerings like SMART /Foundation Field Bus Pressure, DP, Temperature transmitters & online Density meters. SMAR LC700 Hybrid control system is economical, scalable option for your process control needs.

We are approved by leading steam turbine manufacturer from Czechoslovakia, viz. Ekol for instrumentation of their turbines in India. We have already completed 2 projects successfully & 2 more are under execution.

We are approved by Atlas Copco for instrumentation of their high end compressors. We have successfully completed more than 100 PLC based projects with them.