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We are specialized in:
A.  Co-generation plant Automation- Automation for boiler, turbine & balance of plant using DCS system.

B.  Sugar Plant Automation- Complete plant automation system using DCS. The plant automation includes -
1.  Mill Automation:-
     Auto Cane feed control system
     Mill Drive control system
     Mill Chute level control system
     Mill Imbibition water flow control system
     Juice Flow stabilization control system

2.  Boiler & Co-gen Automation:-
     3 Element Drum Level control system.
     Furnace Draft control system.
     Boiler Combustion & bagasse feeder control system.
     Boiler Deaerator Pressure and Level control system
     Boiler PRDS control system

3.  Boiling House Automation:-
     Juice heater temperature control system
     Juice & syrup sulphiter pH control System
     Evaporator level & brix control system
     Batch pan Automation control system
     Continuous pan automation system
     Brix & temp. control system for molasses conditioner & melter
     Continuous centrifugal machine-feed control system

4.  Distillery Automation:-
     Fermentor section automation control system
     Analyzer, Rectifier & Aldehyde column automation system
     Molasses & Alcohol mass flow metering system
     Distillery steam PRDS automation system
     Online density measurement of the molasses & alcohol

C.  Steam Turbine Automation:- PLC based  automatic monitoring with Alarm & Trip-Alarm features & Turbine control systems.

D. We manufacture the instruments like panels, Indicators, Scanners, Controllers, Sequential Timers, Roller lift indicators. Level Controllers, Alarm Annunciators etc. We have manufactured and supplied more than 10,000 instruments so far at various places and the performance is quite satisfactory. Our instruments are working under extreme climatic conditions like ambient temperature Conditions of - 30 to + 60 degrees centigrade, humidity as high as 90% RH.

E.  PLC based Control Panels for dryers, compressors, centrifugal machines, etc.-PLC based Control System.